Make Your 21st Birthday Unique, Young One…


Sticking to just the “booze it up” idea for your 21st Birthday? Pssh… You deserve more…

Don’t get me wrong. Drinking can be fun and is basically a must for this event!…

But it’s NOT fun when you’re holding a random college girl’s hair back while she is vomiting in your toilet  (Graphic, I know. Read on for full story.)

Drinking with some friends would have been fine… But it’s been done before, my dude…

Why it’s in your best interest to go the extra mile for your birthday:

● Now you hold the POWER to drink whenever you feel like it, but trust me, it gets old fast.

● Answer this: How many times do you turn 21? The expression “YOLO” is old news, but the principle still stands…

● Your 21st birthday is a pivotal time in your life to be shared for years to come. ( Depending if you apply what we have to offer)

To make your day unique, the following tips can be of great help to you:



Awesome way to get your Unique badge for your 21st birthday is to get the appropriate theme for your party!

Everyone talks about how so-and-so got so wasted on their birthday that they don’t even remember covering the mechanical bull in puke and dancing on the bar. But is that really how you want everyone to remember you? (Even if it is, keep reading)

Try incorporating a theme. People will have a blast getting dressed up and will enjoy the effort you put in to making it happen. People will forget a lot of what happens that night, but the theme will live on.

One idea is to post photos and anything else that reminds you of your childhood around the party area. Others can’t copy your memories. Unless they’ve stalked you your whole life…

It is through these old photos that your guests can get a glimpse of how you spent your childhood… (There’s nothing like showing those photos with your incomplete set of teeth, right?)

If you need some inspiration to get started, check out my post : Top 3 Birthday Themes for 2013.


Sure, a Facebook event will work. So does a casual text message. But you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, remember?

You’re not a teenager anymore. Amazing events start out with an amazing invitation. You think you can get into a party for Justin Timberlake and not have an invite? (You can’t, I’ve tried.)

Whether or not you decide to do a theme, there are thousands of possibilities for you invites.

1. Zazzle has some cool stuff, but what I like most about them is that you have the option to CUSTOMIZE! I haven’t purchased anything from them, but a glance at their store shows some quality invitations! Check out (Around $1-2 per personalized invites) Side Note: My personal favorite is the martini glass with a bow tie (I really want a bow tie…)

2. Amazon has some good packages if you’re not into designing your own. Here’s just a link to 21st birthday invitations on Amazon.


Signature Drink

Coming up with a drink that defines you for your party is a show stopper. Everyone has a favorite drink, but not everyone has a drink made after them…

Start off by choosing your favorite type of alcohol (though I’m sure you’ve never drank before *wink*) and possibly your favorite type of juice and/or soda.

A little bit of garnish goes a long way, so throw in a lime or orange wedge as well.

The best idea would be to speak with a bartender. Tell them a little bit about yourself and have them prepare 3 drinks that best fit your personality.

Always A Pleasure,

Your Friend (22 Years Old)

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