Black Light Party Guide

So the 90’s might be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy all the awesomeness that it brought us.

Like Nirvana, the Spice Girls and good ol’ Black Light parties.

Drifting around in a dark room with nothing but neon paint to guide you is an experience everyone should try, and what’s better than throwing your very own Black light party for all your friends. Now that’s cool! So let’s get started!

Black Light Party Venue, Lighting & Decor

Image by Michael J Mandeville
Image by Michael J Mandeville

If there’s one thing a Black light party requires (other than a black light, of course), it’s a DARK ROOM!

And pulling the blinds in your living room down is NOT what I’m talking about here.

black light arrow
Click here for black craft paper

You’ll need to blackout the windows, skylights, and any other source of natural light.

Black craft paper will do a great job at that.

It’s ok to use regular scotch tape here to keep it up, but if you want a little more pizazz then I would highly suggest taking a look at UV-Reactive Gaffer Tape.

You can make some pretty cool designs with the Gaffer Tape and can be used for putting up the craft paper, setting boundaries in your venue, or pointing people in the right direction (arrows with the tape).

Your party should be held at night (DUH!) and the best venue will be somewhere remote, preferably abandoned, like an empty warehouse.

You want to be able to sort of make a mess, without actually damaging anything.

And while you’re at it, renting or buying a killer sound system is a must.


Well, it’s extremely important that your Black light party actually has some black lights.

Remember that you don’t have to spend all your savings on buying the ultra fancy, feature-packed black lights.

Here are a couple of options and their benefits:

1. Black Light Party Tube Fixtures

black light party fixture tube
American Dj Black 24Blb 2Ft Blacklight Tube And Fixture

You will find that this product is great for finding kitty pee…and parties!


– No need for batteries!

– Covers a larger area with UV light

– Simply plug into an outlet, hang, and it’s set


– Small mounting area

– Limited to quantity and distance of electrical outlets


I would highly recommend this if you prefer to simply “Plug & Play”, if you will. The biggest pro for me is the area it covers in UV light.


Click Here more info on Black Light Tube and Fixture


2. Black Light Bulbs

black light bulb
Sunlite UV Spiral Energy Saving Light Bulb

Black light bulbs have one purpose and one purpose only…. and it’s to deliver awesomeness.


– No need for batteries (just like the tube and fixture)

– Less expensive

– Save you some energy with this Spiral Bulb (Go Green!)


– Will require more bulbs to cover a certain area

– Limited in placement areas (You are limited to how many sockets you have)


If you don’t mind screwing in bulbs, and have many sockets to go around, I would suggest these over the tube and fixture above. These definitely come at a budget cost, but remember that you many need 2 or 3 bulbs for every tube and fixture you would put in its place.

Click here for more info on Black Light Bulbs


led light partyDecor Lighting

Colored lasers are a ton of fun if you can get your hands on one of those machines too.

Budget machines for Under $20 like this Red-Green Moving Party Laser or LED RGB Crystal Laser (to the right).

If you are looking for more intense and professional lighting, look into this American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser Special Effects Lighting.

Keep in mind that the machines may make it too bright for the black lights. However, the Red-Green Moving Party laser emits only pieces of light and has worked fine for me in the past.

If you are looking for a professional DJ, check out for one in your area!

Your party should look something like this when up to this point:


Another important aspect of black light parties is the fun you can have with UV paint.

Make sure you’ve got that Black craft paper first! Because that UV paint is a bugger to get off the walls!

Whether you’re decorating or giving your guests the freedom to throw paint everywhere, stocking up on this stuff is a MUST!

Check out these Black Light Reactive Paint so you can make it look like this!


Drinks and Snacks and Everything Nice

A black light party isn’t the place to enjoy food, as there’s usually paint flying everywhere, and that stuff is poisonous if ingested.

So the first thing to remember is, if you’re going to have a snacks or food table, place it far away from where the paint splattering is happening.

In a different room, if possible.

The best snack for a Black light party = candy! Lots and lots of candy.

Gummy worms and anything fluorescent that you can find at the candy store.

Sofie Bird here talks about different kinds of foods and drinks that glow in black light. She goes into specifics on why it glows and how you can use those materials to make other things glow. (She also has just overall great content, check it out!)

As for drinks, here’s a tip:


Gin & Tonic (G&T) glows in the dark and tastes pretty damn good.

But if you’re not into G&Ts, a BYOB policy is always king.

As well as a tasty punch for the whole party to share.

Go even further and get an Assorted Neon Blacklight Reactive Cutlery Set.

You will get forks, spoons, and knifes in a fashion you’ve probably never seen before. But don’t forget the Black Light Plates.


The prominent rule of a Black light party is that everything WHITE will glow.

So sift through your closet for all those old white shirts, socks, pants and whatever you can find.

black light party flash lightOnce you’ve got your basic white outfit down, it’s time to jazz it up with all things bright, flashy and neon. BUT KEEP IN MIND – not everything neon will actually glow under a black light, so make sure it’s marked clearly as “UV-reactive” before purchasing anything fancy OR…

Get a handy budget Ultra Violet Black light flashlight (under 10 bucks) in order to discover what things will work under a black light…

What To Wear Ideas:

Top 5 LED accessories
Black Light & UV-reactive hair spray
300 8″ Lumistick Brand Glow Light Stick Bracelets (Yes, yes, yes!)
UV-reactive face paint

As soon as you have that, or not, we can continue!


1. Dance Competition

2. Graffiti Contest

3. Freeze Dance (Ivy Morris)

4. Black Light Volley Ball (Jim Radenhausen)


Party Gifts:black light party gifts

If you want to give anything away at the party, highlighters are the way to go. They can use this to easily decorate around on the craft paper and use this as a souvenir for the great party you gave them!


Thanks to The Favor Maker you will find a decent mount of information on how to create an awesome black light party.

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